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 Lady A'il- Cerene, Angeli Abandanite

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PostSubject: Lady A'il- Cerene, Angeli Abandanite   Thu 26 Jan 2012, 6:09 pm

Lady Cerene A'il
5' 7"
149 lbs
Chestnut hair
Swirling, silver eyes
White feathered wings with a rusty tint in certain lights

-priestess of Abandinus (cleric)

Characteristically clad in the aqua and white robes of the Abandanus healers, with an obviously enchanted staff constantly at hand. In her "off hours," she prefers white and cranberry clothing, comfortably fitted. A chain sits high and tight about her throat, each link formed of a separate metal: copper, gold, iron, steel, silver, bronze, etc. Below this chain, on a separate silver one, is the symbol of Abandanus, loose to swing gently against her chest.
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Lady A'il- Cerene, Angeli Abandanite
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