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Lord Nino


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PostSubject: Gygax Creation Center   Sun 02 Oct 2011, 12:20 pm

*From the Desk of Lord Nino*
To begin: I dedicate this thread to none other than the father of Dungeons and Dragons Gary Gygax, without him we wouldn't have role playing games as they are today. Here is where I submit to the King and Queen of the server and its citizens the things I would like to and plan to add to it. The first batch is a list of creatures based on my WONDERFUL co-workers whom I love SOO MUCH! (Not really since I'm a little ball of hate) These demons will inhabit my City of Outcast Souls. Also I will have to discuss with Neko and Angel on the lore concerning all these thingies Very Happy

Embodiment of Ugliness

A truly twisted disgusting creature, this demon wasn't too diffent in life. This was a woman, a woman whom had rodent like features and was nice to your face and evil behind your back. This thing did everything in its power to manipulate and lie and if you told it something it would tell your enemies or friends in an attempt to sabotage you. It has been cursed to this form doomed to wander as this shape. This hideous thing can paralyze and blind you when you look upon it due to its ugliness..

Embodiment of Nepotism

The child of a wealthy merchant, this creature merely had its station because of it's heritage, not its talents, more like its lack of. This creature used its station and family wealth and connections to abuse its power along with its family treating those less fortunate than themselves by abusing them and fear through intimidation by constantly threatening to take their lands and homes away from them. For this the gods have cursed this creature doomed to be manipulated by other demons due to its stupidity and horrible treatment of others in life. With its eyes going in two different directions it is good at spotting things.

Embodiment of Cluelessness

This creature in life did nothing but talk and try to sound like it knew what it was talking about. But in reality it knew little to nothing about anything but it had the ability to confuse others and in so being an effective con artist. This creature has now been cursed in its death to wander talking to others and having to live off of their wisdom and common sense to sustain itself.

Embodiment of Sloth

Covered in filth and never bathing, this creature in life was extremely lazy avoiding work at all costs and making it look like it actually did work. This creature lived off of the work of others and in doing such it has been cursed in death to sustain itself by spreading its laziness like a plague.

Stunted Troll

A little troll that tries to be the master of all but in reality is merely a stunted, stupid and lazy creature. This thing requires acid or fire to destroy it permanently.

Embodiment of Lust and Disease

This creature in life was a complete whore and used its charms to sleep its way to the top. Sleeping with one noble while having an affair with four or five others. Doing everything its power to manipulate weak willed men to sustain its life. This creature in death has now been cursed to wander as a disease spreading whore not too much different from how it acted in life, except it will never rest.

Embodiment of Cowardace

This creature in life never truly had an opinion of its own and always followed the crowd. In doing so it was socially accepted and joined in on the mocking of those who were different and in death it is now its own cowardly self not accepted by anyone for its constant mistreatment of others.

Embodiment of Stupidity

This creature in life was in a position of power and managed its mercantile trade although in reality its employees ran it for the creature. This creature always thought it knew what it was doing and made it seem as such but didn't. This creature mistreated its employees whom he considered a "threat" to its station because they were more intelligent than it. So in death it wanders about the world draining the intelligence of others in an attempt to actually have knowledge.

Alrighty then I am currently working on those RIGHT NOW Very Happy I hope to have everything completed this week or the upcoming three day weekend I have which is the Columbus Day weekend. I also plan to create and add the following:

In the Kingdom of Mud:

Orc, Goblin, Ogre and Bugbear Dungeons, possibly may make a "fortress" housing various creatures for all levels. Levels 1-20? I am unsure yet how that'll all work.

Other creatures I'd like to add in:

Phase Eye

Moldy Corpse an evolved undead now considered "living".

Mirrored Knight which is a Knight made of Mirrored glass.

A "Plague Bearer" is the working name at the moment, essentially a D&D version of the Borg (yes I'm a nerd, deal with it) whom have the ability to dominate or "assimilate" the party member and have you attack your party. I'll have to talk to Lord Neko on the scripting or whatever for that one.

Other areas I have in mind:


Art Museum

Cursed Arcane University

Tower of Torture

And there you have it. I have no idea when it'll be done, the release date is uh when it's done Very Happy As I said hopefully I'll get it done over the course of the week but we'll see.
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Lord Nino


Posts : 13
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PostSubject: Re: Gygax Creation Center   Sun 11 Dec 2011, 9:41 am

Alrighty then, well my city is in the module and has yet to be connected. It was playtested for the most part, some things are a bit too easy but mostly its difficult it seems. It requires further playtesting and hasn't been connected yet, Neko has been busy as of late as have we all with the Christmas and everything else. Although I plan to add more to the module, my next project will be either stuff in the Kingdom of Mud or those other dungeons mentioned below with "working" names. Just so everyone knows the module hasn't died neither has the staff it is merely the holidays and real life that has kept us all busy as of late. I will keep people updated on my User Generated Content (UGC) for the module.
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Gygax Creation Center
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