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 Race: The Fae of the Timeless Lands

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PostSubject: Race: The Fae of the Timeless Lands   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 9:49 pm

Fragments of chaos tossed off by the gods' war, the fae epitomize both the beauty and the terror of Sarapis's touch. Hailing from all corners of Arizide, the various fae have evolved into a complex society of their own, standing separate from that of the other races. Within their Timeless Lands, law and order have little place, and whimsy is more of a force of nature than gravity itself.

With their capricious adaptability, many fae choose to leave the Timeless Lands behind and to prowl the other lands, seeking out the curious involvement that comes with interacting with people who live within an orderly system. Some hold to an honour system that could be perceived as lawful, but close inspection revels that their whimsy colours everything they do.


Glastig: cold-blooded, vampiric fae hailing from the darker corners of the Timeless Lands, they live off of the lifeblood of mortals, moving proudly on their deer-like legs with little to no regard for the laws of others.

Redcap: vicious, blood-thirsty warriors of the arid wastelands located within the Timeless, they dip their hair in the blood of their kills, bearing razor-sharp teeth in a ferocious grimace

Baohban: eerily beautiful with the voices of sirens, these fae are known for draining the souls of those who become too close to them, and they make fearful lovers, possessive beyond all rational thought

Piskie: animalistic and playful, they often show a slightly sadistic bent in their pranks when angered, padding on paws or hooves as their nature chooses, with a flick of their tails showing their moods as readily as the gleam in their eyes

Sprite: tiny, ephemeral and easily amused, the minute, flitting creatures are healers and guardians of the Timeless Lands, being far more effective in combat than any would give them credit for
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Race: The Fae of the Timeless Lands
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