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 Jesse Zephir

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PostSubject: Jesse Zephir   Fri 09 Sep 2011, 11:14 pm

*Written in a log carried in his pack*

I am Jesse Zephir, born Jiibaniun Taisie to a Taisie mother and an Angelos sire, during the times of great discord, the god's wars and fallen T'ais. The last acts of a fleeing Angelos, and the last child of an honored Taisie line. The walls of T'ais were fallen when I trained for war, the training of an order sworn to hold the already lost walls and protect the dying, if not dead, nobility. What order remained in these times, that was the new noble cast, and they who I serviced, and their wives who I serviced. I wear the full plate, walking like a fortress in the fray, with greatsword held high as the battlement's sole defender. I am the walking T'ais, the living memory, his history dear to my heart, conveyed to me beyond the veil of time by Rikal, Muninn, reteller-of-memories. On the walls of T'ais have I seen my forefathers die. As a living T'ais, so shall I.
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Jesse Zephir
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