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 Races/Lore- In Progress {So Don't Laugh; I'll Hurt You}

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PostSubject: Races/Lore- In Progress {So Don't Laugh; I'll Hurt You}   Fri 09 Sep 2011, 8:22 pm

(Rough notes/outlines on the races and lore that's currently being developed. No, it's not that easy and no, I won't have it all done right away. *lol* Writing is harder than it looks! However, because people are making Arizide-specific characters (race and the like) I want them to have access to at least some of the terms and ROUGH geography that I'm scrabbling together as quickly and coherently as my little ADD brain allows.)

{Races are divided into their hemispheres of ORIGIN, not where they are currently found. Any race can be found anywhere in Arizide; pockets of the races are simply most common in the few civilized areas scattered throughout the wastelands.}

northern races:

Jotun- 'orcs'

Josal- 'snow elves'
Kalfar- 'night elves'

-dragons (northern):

ice (white)
cave (black)
moon (silver)

western races:


lemnul - 'wood elves'
sivatag - 'desert elves'

Dheur- 'dwarves'

Chiia- bipedal equine race

-dragons (western)

soul (platinum)
sky (blue)
pain (green)

eastern races:


Chaldoi- 'gnomes'

derya -'sea elves'

Blooded- faelike creatures

-dragons (eastern)

blood (copper)
heart (red)

southern races:



Ramiar- bipedal feline race

-dragons (southern)

sonar- 'moon elves'

sun (gold)
pain (green)

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Races/Lore- In Progress {So Don't Laugh; I'll Hurt You}
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