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 Cimil- Mother's Touch

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PostSubject: Cimil- Mother's Touch   Wed 07 Sep 2011, 7:29 pm

Symbol: A simple wooden bowl

As close to a motherly figure as the gods of Arizide can offer, she believes that the world's populace is in desperate need of care. Not simply 'care,' but the sort of devoted, all-sacrificing care that only an adoring mother can offer. Those who feel her light touch are soothed, often into peaceful slumber, and she seeks to keep the demigods at peace, even when her gentle approaches are violently rebuffed.

Constantly present in the world, she appears often as a small, orange tabby cat, using a lulling purr to approach those who seem to need her attention.


-Good Only

Having taken vows of poverty, the Cimilians are the missionaries of Arizide. Continually traveling, they seek out those who seem in need of their aid. They carry only what they need to survive, and any gold or items discovered are immediately offered to others to relieve their needs. Healing is their first and most often asked for aid, but they are also adept at defending individuals who require a helping hand, or providing diplomatic assistance.


Dark orange and copper


-having taken a vow to eschew earthly goods, the Cimilians wear simple, sturdy clothing and bear only the bare necessities of gear.

-as they cannot hold material goods, they rarely marry, preferring to direct their loving attention to the world at large

-bladed weapons are seen as far too destructive for the Cimilians to use; they prefer bludgeoning weapons


-Cimilians pause to pray at every sunset, often inconveniencing those they are travelling with, thanking Cimil for her blessings of mercy for those they've aided
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Cimil- Mother's Touch
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