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 Revati- Mistress of Magic

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PostSubject: Revati- Mistress of Magic   Wed 07 Sep 2011, 6:58 pm

Symbol: a pendant of elaborate design

Exuding enthusiasm and delight, the goddess of magic is often viewed as one of the most approachable. Despite her thoughtlessness in how magic should be used, Revati welcomes all who seek the abilities of spellcasting, and her followers are as indiscriminatory in their usage of their powers. Easily distracted and flighty, she's as likely to use a world-shattering spell to destroy a fly as she is to ignore a massive threat in favour of learning how to manipulate magical energy into frolicking lights.

With no concept of restraint, she often pops in and out of view in locations where great spellcasting is occurring, appearing as a beautiful, slender woman with bright gold hair and vivid violet eyes.


-Chaotic Only

The siren's song of power calls spellcasters to Revati's service and worship, and those who linger long in her temples gain a touch of her lack of perspective. As quick to throw fireballs as they are to offer protective spells, they can be dangerous allies, more intent on using their magic than in how they use their magic. Those who are adversely affected by their carelessly tossed spells are told to "learn how to dodge." For that reason, they prefer to travel with rogues or individuals capable of handling a few painful spells.


Violet and gold


-as unrestrained as their chosen goddess, the Revaters will seek any artifact, any scroll, any potion that hints at the possibility of more power

-with their absolute love of magic, Revaters tend to fixate on certain types of individual- the T'Arians, faebloods, elementins, etc- and pursue them for romantic attachment

-thanks to their goddess, the Revaters can rarely make up their mind about anything, and grudges can usually be smoothed over with the promise of being a guinea pig for spell testing or the gift of a new magical item


-the eyes of a Revater develop threads of a vivid, almost electric violet when they begin their studies, and deepen to form eyes of crackling purple when they reach the pinnacle of their power
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Revati- Mistress of Magic
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