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 Datin- Seeker of Perfection

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PostSubject: Datin- Seeker of Perfection   Wed 07 Sep 2011, 6:44 pm

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A god of detail, Datin is often perceived as a ruthless and vicious individual, seeking out the smallest infraction and exposing it for all the world to see. Especially dedicated to finding the flaws in mortal reasoning, he blames the other gods for not holding the creatures under their rule to strict, flawless expectations. Indeed, his quest for perfection is pushed onto the others of his level, and nothing disgusts him more than the chaotic approach of Sarapis's children. With distain for Manito's approach to strict adherence to the law, he strives to force law to reach perfection before it is followed.

Reluctant to appear to any, Datin rarely lets himself be seen. The few times he's found it necessary to take form, rather than working through his Datiners, he chooses a tiny form, smaller than any halfling, swathed in thick tan robes.


-Lawful Only

Obsessed with perfection, the Datiners take a different approach than the Manitolvers. Rather than believing that upholding the law is the pinnacle of their god's desire, they nitpick, hunting up every possible flaw to expose it to sunlight. This makes them difficult to get along with under the best of circumstances. Oddly enough, their dedication to perfection makes them excellent rogues, as they seek the flaws in locks, traps and other devices, exposing them gleefully.


Dark tan and light grey


-personal perfection is a life-long dedication for the Datiners; whatever path they choose, they dedicate themselves to it

-marriage and relationships tend to fail quickly due to their constant search for flaws; few can handle being close to them for long

-the promise of any flaw to expose ensures their quick willingness to go along with any proposed venture


-with their methodical nature, Datiners can often be pushed into frenzies by anyone meddling with their belongings or interrupting their speech
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Datin- Seeker of Perfection
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