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 Race: T'Arian

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PostSubject: Race: T'Arian   Sun 04 Sep 2011, 6:56 pm

In the history of Arizide, thousands of races once held empires, kingdoms, territories of their own, lost as the gods' war progressed. One of the races who once held an empire spanning thousands of miles are the T'Arian. The empire of Talain held seven cities, held to be jewels of civilization, and hundreds of tribes beneath its' grasp. The T'Arians themselves were tightly organized, each bloodline holding to its' position in society without complaint. When the war took the empire, about 1,200 years previous, and scattered the T'Arians to the wind, each bloodline struggled to hold their city before it became too difficult to survive.


(extinct) Lirizi- the royal bloodline, slaughtered in the attempt to hold the empire together; once the only T'Arians able to commune with the gods and act as clerics; expansive wings of ethereal energy, shaped into feathery forms {city: Lir}

Taisie- {guardians of the royal bloodline} known for combat prowess and flexibility in adjusting said prowess (cannot commit suicide- self-inflicted wounds heal instantly- also true for wounds inflicted with consent); wings draconic in appearance, but covered with billions of miniscule feathers {city: T'ais}

Dalathain- a bloodline with psionic ability that cannot be touched by any but their mates lest their abilities be tainted; fragile wings, often likened to an insect's {city: Daltha}

Zakiyiana- a bloodline of bards who use their wings to create sound; wings always a single, solid shade and easily damaged {city: Zakyiil}

Rikal- a bloodline able to fly due to telekinetic ability; usually sorcerers/wizards- highly tempermental and usually align with a single element; only bloodline able to mate without assistance- exceptionally high status due to their necessity to procreate; wings of ethereal energy {city: Ryki}

Estair- a bloodline of shadowalkers and assassins; emotionless and icy, they find delight only in a well-handled assassination. Specializing in the use of poisons, they were greatly feared in the T'Arian empire; wingless (wings are removed at birth: no information exists as to the appearance of the wings) -possess spade-tipped tails trained to be as useful as hands{city: E'tairae}

Siltai- a bloodline of necromancers; cold to the touch, they are avoided on principle by any non-T'Arian. With their abilities, none dare raise a hand to them, but they are rarely permitted to linger within casual areas; black feathered wings {city: Sil}

Kynatl- a bloodline of servants, commonly sold as slaves; solid-coloured leathery wings {no city- raised in all}

Racial Traits-

-light bone structure
-blood (called 'ichor') is dark violet and extremely sweet
-narrow tongues, usually darkly coloured
-electricity required for fertile procreation
-natural lifespan: 1,000 +/-

~the surviving T'Arians are secretive in regards to their knowledge of the wastelands, but can be bought as guides for a price. None will offer services outside of their bloodline's established position- a Rikal will not act as a bodyguard, but a Taisie will


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Race: T'Arian
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