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 Race: The Tainted

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PostSubject: Race: The Tainted   Fri 02 Sep 2011, 2:59 am

When gods battle, the effects are far-reaching indeed. Those hapless creatures caught in the crossfire never escape unscathed, and those who survive bear the signs of divine retribution. Generations of isolation in the wastelands of Arizide left the few pockets of beings both tribal and permanently infused with the curses that seemed to follow in the wake of an angry god.

No two of those who survived are exactly the same, but familial lines pass on the individual flaws from parent to child. When the wastelands became too difficult to survive within, the tribes scattered, finding the few cities that existed in pockets of stability. Shunned for their inbred parentage and the flaws which haunted them, they became known as 'the Tainted.'

A brave few have always managed to find their ways about in the world, leaving their secure corners of civilization and seeking more of the world. Traversing the wastelands was no hardship as one of the flaws inherent in all Tainted is a resistance to the twists of chaos that still plague the world, but finding acceptance in new societies was. Regardless of what they have faced or how they have proven themselves, they always bear the surname "of the Taint."

Genetic Flaws:

-Physical deformity: missing eye, limb, unreal skin tone, dwarfism, horns
-Physical frailty: (game terms: Constitution 8- cannot be raised by item or level)
-Mental instability: ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, multiple personalities, etc.

Social Restrictions:

-all Tainted are required to introduce themselves with the surname "of the Taint"
-all Tainted are required to keep their skin fully covered while in public; the face is permissible to show

Racial Information:

-mute Tainted learn the sign language of their tribes and may teach it to allies/friends
-all Tainted receive a bonus on saving throws vs. spells (resistance to the effects of Sarapis's chaos)
-blind Tainted may use True Seeing/See Invisibility 2x per day
-deaf Tainted are immune to the effects of Curse Song and sonic spells
-mentally unstable Tainted are immune to Daze, Sleep, Charm Person and Dominate Person
-physically deformed Tainted receive a +2 Will Saving Throw
-physically frail Tainted receive a +2 Reflex Saving Throw

-average lifespan: 120 years +/-
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Race: The Tainted
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