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 Kvasir- The Consuming Flame

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PostSubject: Kvasir- The Consuming Flame   Thu 01 Sep 2011, 8:34 pm

Symbol: A blood-red flame

Commonly seen as capricious and unthinking, this god is actually quite calculating and methodical in his approach. Behind a veil of chaotic destruction lies the necessary plotting to lay waste to the old and bring space for the new, keeping the Wheel of Life turning in the proper direction. With a venomous hatred for necromancy, he takes it quite personally when the undead are deliberately created, and has been know to command followers to seek out active necromancers and remove them from the Wheel's motion. His brother Isten remains his closest companion, and the two often fight side by side when the occasion calls for it.

With a grim sense of humour concealed behind the facade of meaningless destruction, Kvasir prefers to let his followers and other mortals view him as an ebon-scaled dragon with gore caked between his claws, dripping blood from a razor-toothed maw. What his true face is, only his siblings would know.


-Evil Only

Often mistaken for necromancers due to their close association with the dead, the Kvasires are not necromancers. Instead, those of a more scholarly bent use their connection with Kvasir to become mediums, taking payment for communicating messages to and from the deceased. Some bind ghosts to their will, using them as servants and watchdogs. The practice is not commonly discussed, but it is not considered the forbidden necromancy due to the fact that the dead remained ghosts through their own unfinished business and not magical interference. Warriors of Kvasir tend to use viciously spiked bludgeoning weapons, dedicating each splatter of blood to their god and channeling his destructive nature through flame spells.


Blood-red and dark, tarnished brass


-necromancy is strictly forbidden for Kvasires, and they are charged to slaughter any necromancers (or their undead creations) when encountered

-believing in the Wheel of Life, the Kvasires rarely marry, but are encouraged to sire/bear children in order to balance the death that they and their god cause

-often found on the Isle of the Dead just within the City of Masks' borders, they commonly venture in and out of the Lands of Shadow, and are reliable, if expensive, guides


-the air around a Kvasire tends to be either uncomfortably hot or bone-chillingly cold, depending on the person's individual approach to their lord
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Kvasir- The Consuming Flame
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