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 Tekore- The Weight of Mercy

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PostSubject: Tekore- The Weight of Mercy   Wed 31 Aug 2011, 8:43 pm

Symbol: A pair of balanced silver scales

Only slightly less rigid than her brother, Manito, this demigoddess epitomizes the ideals of martyrdom and self-sacrifice. So obsessed with the idea of being merciful, she was famously struck down by Kvasir in a battle which should have easily been her victory. This was because she refused to battle Kvasir unless he armed himself for the fight. The idea of mercy that she has developed permits no one to hold an upper hand over any other. With a perspective that is closest to Manito's, she shares his disgust for Datin's manipulation of the laws and demonstrates remarkable jealousy of her sister Cimil. If it were not for the strict demands Tekore placed on her followers, it would likely devolve into a brutal battle every time they encountered a Cimilian missionary.

With a disdain for appearing to her followers, lest she counterbalance whatever situation they are in, Tekore never replies to a prayer for aid. The few times she does deign to step into the view of mere mortals, she is swathed in tattered, silvery-grey robes and bears a lantern which sputters and flickers.


- Good Only


Silver, grey and blood-red (to represent the blood of martyrs shed in defense of others)


-no Tekorian is ever allowed to take advantage of an opponent; all fighting must be declared and carefully balanced to ensure it is fair

-marriage is a contractual bond and both parties must have an arbiter to ensure that each is receiving as much as they are giving

-no gift or aid may ever be accepted without something of completely equal value being given in return

-even a thoughtless word can wound; Tekorians often listen intently before speaking in carefully measured words, and rarely more than what they were addressed with


-a pair of perfectly balanced silver scales are present in every Tekorian temple, and considered the final arbiter when questions of 'equal value' arise
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Tekore- The Weight of Mercy
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