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 Hotei- The Favourable One

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PostSubject: Hotei- The Favourable One   Wed 31 Aug 2011, 8:23 pm

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A whimsical being, there is little that one can say reliably about Hotei beyond the fact that his followers seem to waver between elation and rage nigh constantly. As if the Favourable One's touch influenced Fortune herself, so does luck follow those who take up his worship. Of course, that luck is not necessarily good luck. As Hotei himself has the tendency to show up at the right or wrong place at the most dramatically appropriate point in time throughout history, so his followers seem to have picked up that knack. With a raucous sense of humor, the Favourable One believes his brother Kvasir's destruction is the perfect opportunity to play a few tricks, often twists Isten's creations to be more amusing and has a close relationship with Revati.

With the twist of whimsy- some call it insanity- Hotei rarely takes on the same form twice. Bouncing from male to female, young to old, and throughout every race that Arizide has to offer, there is rarely any indication that one has just addressed the Favourable One.


-Chaotic Only

Rogues, tricksters, gamblers and desperate men all call Hotei's name or murmur it as they bite their tongue and throw the dice. While Hotei's very approach seems unlikely to attract persistent followers, there are always those who are willing to lay a few gold on the small shrines tucked away in back alleyways. Finding laws to be a humourous attempt to control the world around them, the rapscallions who flaunt their black and white cloaks are quick to mislead the law-abiding, and a legally-minded citizen is just an easy target to them. Spellcasters are welcome companions, provided they have a sense of humour.


Black and white (usually displayed as a flashy cloak)


-no follower of Hotei may ever take legal office

-inclined to flings, flirtations and one-night stands, followers of Hotei rarely marry; those who do always claim they were tricked into it.

-patrons of taverns and believers in recreational drug use, they often try to 'influence' others by offering to buy them drinks


-Masks are popular with followers of Hotei; most have a pair to reflect the sort of luck the Favourable One has been giving them of recent- good or bad
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Hotei- The Favourable One
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