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 Manito- Lord of Law

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PostSubject: Manito- Lord of Law   Wed 31 Aug 2011, 7:57 pm

Symbol: Three golden spheres on a dark blue field

This god is rigidly, uncompromisingly lawful. Humourless and cold, he is disinclined to accept any bargaining from either fellow demigods or his followers (who know better than to try it in the first place.) While he does not often create laws, those that are "on the books" are considered utterly inviolate. While he tolerates his "sibling" Tekore, and his knights have been known to protect the missionaries of Cimil, there is no love lost between himself and Datin. The few clashes between Tari's "children" tend to be the two of them with their diametrically opposed view on laws and how they are to be approached.

Although he rarely appears to his followers, Manito has been known to take it upon himself to personally punish an extreme lawbreaker. In the guise of a perfect knight, clad in golden armour with a dark blue silken cloak, he wields a flaming longsword to smite the wrongdoers into a heap of smouldering ash.


-Lawful Only

Heavily martial, as defending the law requires blades against the hands of those who would disobey, the followers of Manito tend to be fighters. The most extreme fanatics become 'paladins' of his order, seeking out pockets of lawlessness to obliterate. Manito's worshippers are required to follow all laws, no matter how ridiculous or how they contradict each other. Spellcasters are not permitted within the walls of Manito's training barracks, as they are too heavily aligned with Sarapis and his love of chaos. Bards are often considered ridiculous accessories for the Lord of Law's knights, but are allowed as their carefully written songs can be an inspiration to the fighters.


Gold and dark blue (in any combination)


-no follower of Manito may stand aside and watch the breaking of a law without taking action

-while there is no 'code of conduct' disallowing followers of Manito from marrying, few do because of their extremely high standards

-anything that would adversely effect their self-control is frowned upon

-murder without justification is strictly forbidden; violators of this law are hunted by the order


-Blue roses are a sign of great favour, and knights of Manito often give them as courting gifts. The order may award a crown of blue roses to a knight who has distinguished himself.
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Manito- Lord of Law
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