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 A Tutorial: The Gods of Arizide

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PostSubject: A Tutorial: The Gods of Arizide   Tue 30 Aug 2011, 6:48 pm

The Deities of Arizide


The goddess of order, she holds the minds of the world's humans in her grasp. Commonly perceived as a goddess of "good," she maintains the world's stable creation, the points on which the map can be created. Little is known about her by the populace at large, but her followers are strict to a fault. Punishments for even the most minor deviations from the clergy's laws have been known to be lethal.

-Demigods of Tari

With origins of a secretive nature, not even the clergy themselves could explain how it was that the demigods came about. Tari's lesser deities all reflect aspects of her believe in order and control, bringing her distant presence firmly to mind for the mortals who follow their teachings.

Manito- (Law) a god who finds nothing humourous in those who break laws, even the smallest. Flaunting any sort of loophole in the legal system brings his wrath. Despite Datin being his "sibling" of sorts, the two often clash over such details.

Tekore- (Good) a goddess of mercy with little in the way of mercy herself. She believes in a fair fight to the point of restricting her followers to never take an opponent on when they are at any sort of disadvantage.

Datin- (Law) a god of intellect who seeks out the flaws in the law created by humanity, gently guiding his followers to find and close those loopholes. Exploiting those is merely a way to demonstrate to the lawmakers what needs to be fixed. He and Manito often clash over such.

Cimil- (Good) a goddess of generosity and kindness who believes all should be equal. Hers are the traveling priests who offer succor to the injured, the fearful. All have taken a vow of poverty, trusting to Cimil and the world to provide for them.


The god of chaos, it is he who has infused the world with the spark of spontaneous creation. Spellcasters especially owe this once-acknowledged lord for their abilities, and it is he who opened the way for creatures other than human to walk the world. Commonly called "evil" by the populace, it is he who offers the path fraught with danger and challenge. Although his name is rarely spoken, his clergies are the haven of spellcasting humans and those who view the world as better off with a little less organization.

-Demigods of Sarapis

The same unusual origins, shrouded in confusing myth and changing tales, stand for the demigods of Sarapis. His lesser deities hold the elements of spontaneous creation in their hands, infusing followers with a wild nature and the abilities to change the ordered state of the world.

Hotei- (Chaos) a god of luck, it is he who both gives and takes away. As flimsy as fortune is, so is his attention, and one priest may thank him one day and curse him the next. Capricious, he offers blessings as suits is whim, rarely thinking twice about anything he's laid his hand to.

Kvasir- (Evil) a god of destruction, he is the one who sparks the wildfires, the plagues, the hastening of Death and aging. When one is struck by an illness, it is often Kvasir whom is blamed. Some are done with evident maliciousness, others seemingly to lay the path for new creation. In his path, Isten often follows.

Revati- (Chaos) the goddess of magic, it is her hands which gently guide the budding spellcasters of the world into learning how to manipulate the laws of nature. With no though for how the magic should be used, she merely provides the path, following the lure of change rather than the wisdom of its' usage.

Isten- (Evil) a god of the wilderness, he brings together the forgotten pieces of the past, breathing new life into that which was destroyed. Nothing is safe from his choice, and often that which is brought back into new life is something that tears at the balance of the world. He does not destroy, but leaves that to Kvasir, taking the clean slate as it is provided.

-Abandinus, the Unknown

All that can be gleaned of this faceless being is what can be observed by those who have chosen to follow in what they believe it wishes. These are the healers of the world, using the spontaneous element of chaotic magic to mend the rending of order, bringing flesh, bone and tissue back into their proper states. They do not rail against the god Kvasir, nor do they align themselves with Cimil. Standing alone, with no set laws to bind them, they seem of one mind through instinct alone. They withhold their healing touch from none, and ask no renumeration for what is done.
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Lore Mistress

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PostSubject: The Clergy   Wed 31 Aug 2011, 8:45 pm

Tari: Tarians

-Manito: Manitolvers
-Tekore: Tekorians
-Datin: Datiners
-Cimil: Cimilians

Sarapis: Sarapins

-Hotei: Hoteiers
-Kvasir: Kvasires
-Revati: Revater
-Isten: Istenians
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A Tutorial: The Gods of Arizide
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